Tula Pink Vintage Winner Designer Ribbon Pack

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  • Tula Vintage Ribbon Collection is a 4 month Program. Every Month 1 Designer Pack is released.
    This is a limited edition of the best jacquard woven ribbons designed by Tula Pink for Renaissance Ribbons over the last 10 years, it includes designs from the discontinued collections of Salt Water, Moonshine, Chipper, Slow and Steady, the Birds and the Bees, Prince Charming and All Stars in the original color ways.
    Each Pack contains 4 to 5 magnificent and detailed woven jacquard ribbons in widths from 3/8” to 2”.
    The designs are whimsical and intricate the colors are fun and bright, and the woven texture brings them all to life!
    These beautiful woven jacquard ribbons are the perfect trim to elevate your sewing projects. Add these to pockets, straps, pillows, towels, tassels, zipper pulls and pet collars to take your project to the next level!

    Made of: 100% Polyester
    Color: Various
    Use: Ribbon/Trim


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