Plum Garden Doll Yarn For Hair Fog

  • $3.50

Doll Yarn For Hair Fog

100% Cotton Print from the PlumGarden Collection by Tilda designed by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. Best known for her whimsical and naive characters.

Inspired by the autumn garden this versatile collection has a charming, hand-drawn look with flowers, ducks and teardrop shapes. A beautiful, calm Autumn palette with peach, plum, nutmeg and blueberry hues. The collection lends itself well to cozy autumn quilts and other fall-inspired projects.

Seasonal angels, plums, and bears are the main motives. We have also made adorable mini balls of yarn for doll hair in beautiful colors. Accompanying PlumGarden this season is a gorgeous new, basic collection Tea Towels, with classic stripes and plaid tea towel-inspired patterns with a woven look.

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