Sewline Fabric Marking Set

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Sewline Fabric Marking Set

This is our favorite set for quilting because the ceramic lead doesn't break like all the others so it lasts much longer. We have chosen pink and blue which are great for any color fabric from white to black. Great for stencils or hand drawn designs. Both pencils and eraser are from Sewline.

Fabric Pencil in Pink and Blue
This disposable, mechanical fabric pencil with ceramic lead gives you clear clean 1.3mm (twice the thickness of standard fine leads) that are easily removed with a polymer eraser or a damp cloth. Tailor's Click Pencil.

Fabric Pencil Eraser Stick
Polymer eraser for removing ceramic lead pencil marks. Pen-like holder gives clear view and accurate control. Residue will not catch in fabric weave. Just click the clip end to advance the eraser as needed. Easily refillable refills available separately.


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